Hi JohnK,

No, the listening test I performed was with the VP180 in its proper horizontal orientation against a pair of M80 towers flanking the VP180 fed with a summed mono signal. From the central listening position, I was comparing two mono signals, one from the VP180 versus a phantom centered mono signal from the pair of M80 towers.

I ranked the VP180 with the same score as I gave the two upright M80 towers and also remarked ("tough test: not exactly alike but similarly excellent"). Other comments included: "Very deep extended bass, smooth natural vocals without sibilance, excellent kick drum and acoustic bass, and a spacious, open quality on big orchestral/choral works."

I have previously never ranked a center channel speaker with such a high score as I gave the VP180.

Partway into the test, I realized I was listening to mono, but that didn't tell me much, because I'd been doing days of listening, including some competitors' speakers.

I was thrilled after the test when we looked at the scores and pulled back the curtain to reveal the VP180 and the two M80 towers at each side.

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert