Well, after about 30 mins of listening (without yet re-adjusting Audyssy for channel levels) whoever said Axiom may have missed the mark with this one is VERY wrong. This is not only a home-run, it's a grand slam! Right off the bat, I had to adjust my center level from +2 db to 0 db (same levels as my M80s now). I also brought my center crossover down to 60 Hz to match my mains. The sound is FULL and RICH, and so far to me sounds almost JUST like an M80. When I moved from the center seat to the left and right seats, the vocals still sounded like they were coming from the center (with my VP150, I would tend to lose localization when I moved off-center).

I'm giddy right now!

I just wanted to take a couple of mins to share some pix with you guys, but now I am going back to calibrate the system and really give it some serious listening time.
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