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with the 31's arriving in less than a week, and no official "get ready you all" from the site should I still believe what I've been reading for a while that the VP180 is going to be released on Monday or Tuesday of next week?

Yes, I know i'm new here but i've never seen anything officially released by Axiom on the center, just what's here at the forum. I couldn't even find a press release about it from them. is thsi the way Axiom always does it, not saying anything and then the thing just shows up available and for sale? Thats's fine if that's the way. I've been wanting to buy the M80's & the EP175 but have been holding off waiting for the "rumored" VP180, i only used the term rumored because i can't find anything official from Axiom.

I do hope this is not going to be another UMC-1 thing (that's not a crack at Emotiva either but a truth about how long it took for it to finally be released after almost 2 years of waiting) as far as the actual release goes. I really do want this center (as well as the other speakers mentioned) but, since i'm not a VIP member or a previous owner, i have nothing else to actually go on about the center other than what has been posted here. i'm also concerned because this thread has been very quiet considering this incredible new addition is supposed to be released in one week or less.

I'm trying to keep the faith but so far for me not a word from Axiom themselves on their site is a little bothersome for me. I'm hoping that in a week or so, I'll be able to laugh after seeing the speaker up for sale and reading the stellar reviews from owners start to pour in.

Oh, it's coming alright \:\) You can always call or email Axiom direct, or just wait until June since it's so close now.