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Dave, you have such a beautiful HT now it almost seems a sin to change anything, even for a VP180 ;\)

re: my order, looks like I "missed it by *that* much".

I was working from home this morning because the accessory belt on my Magnum disintegrated on the way home yesterday. The battery kept the ignition & fuel pump running long enough to get me home but I wanted to get a good charge into it before heading into the dealer for repairs.

Yes the steering was a bit heavy ;\)

Knock on the door came while I was on a call; by the time I was able to disengage from the call and get to the front door all I saw was the back end of a Purolator truck pulling onto the road.

Oh well. Available for pickup after 6, assuming I have a car by then.

there is no way i would have missed that delivery, and you were at home, come on man!?! that just doesn't look good. i don't care who i would have been talking to, i would have dropped that phone or said hold on or just taken the phone to the door but i wouldn't have missed that delivery. Or I would never have told you all that i did ;\) I'd hang up on my mom to have gotten that delivery and i love my mom! she would have been mad, but, once she saw and heard that center she would understand! ;\)
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