Thanks for the review HT. It seems your initial impressions and mine were just about the same. I love the VP180, and cannot even think to put it in the same class as the VP150.

I did notice that moving my ears lower tended to make the sound more pronounced. What I did to fix the situation was angle the speaker more upward (I had the VP150 flat horizontal). Just propping it up about 15 degrees did the trick. With the adjustment, I have the VP150 about 2db less than the M80s (most likely because the M80s are about 2-3 feet farther away from my main listening position than the VP180).

Glad to see you're enjoying the speaker!
2 M80s, 1 VP180, 4 QS8s, 2 EP800s, 4 Algonquins, 2 M3 VaSSallos, 1 AxiomAir N3