Picked up the VP180 from Purolator yesterday. As usual, the box was demolished and the speaker was fine. There was a tiny smudge on the side where the box was torn open but it wiped off with a damp sponge.

I mucked up my elbow on the weekend (never start a brushcutter while carrying it - doesn't hurt the brushcutter but it's murder on the tendons in your arm) so haven't carried it up the stairs yet... so just cell phone pictures on the hall floor so far.

First impressions - it's *big*. I haven't seen M80s in a home environment yet, just lots of M60s, so the depth of the speaker was a bit of a surprise :

The magnetic grills look good and hold on much more securely than I expected. The grill was pink (probably called tan to make it sound manly) vs the black on my other speakers, but when I looked back at the order there was no mention of grill colour. Hopefully I didn't just forget to click on something... and hopefully I can arrange a swap.

Anyways, here's the front view :

The varying colour across the speaker is due to poor lighting, not flaws in the finish. There are threaded holes for four feet on the bottom of the speaker (or for the stands maybe ?).

That's all I have for now, maybe I'll feel brave enough to drag it up the stairs tonight ;\)
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