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Picked up the VP180 from Purolator yesterday.

The magnetic grills look good and hold on much more securely than I expected.

Congrats bridgman, you are going to love how it sounds \:\) I still can't get over the full, rich, deep sound this speaker delivers. I know it's large, but if anyone has the room for it they would be wise to get one.

Nice pics, the finish you chose looks great with the all white drivers. The magnetic grilles are great too. Initially I was indifferent to the mag grilles but I must admit now I am a huge fan of them. They are very secure, they snap into place easily and quickly, and the speaker (when the grilles are removed) looks way better without the holes IMHO. I'm so impressed with them that I'm in the process of upgrading all of my speakers to the ones with the magnetic grilles.