I just finished watching Noein a 24 episode on 5 disks anime. I almost started a review yesterday at the halfway point because I was so impressed by it, but good thing I didnít because in the second half it tanked.

Visually this is a pretty good looking anime but not the best. Characters are distinctive looking and the overall visuals are good. Sometimes the CGI is a bit overdone in relation to the cell animation so it doesnít always look quite right. Some of the backgrounds are lifted from a real town and done up using CGI while other scenes are strictly cell animation. The net effect is a bit disjointed. It is a 1.78:1 image so itís nice and full looking.

The audio is ok for a 5.1. Not much use of the LFE or surround channels except to use the surrounds for background music which is quite effective early on but becomes overbearing later.

As for the story it completely schizophrenic. The first half is one of the best set of episodes Iíve seen save an annoying character Yuu who whines his way through most of the story. At exactly the halfway point there is a filler episode with some meaningless back-story and itís all down hill from there. The story descends into meaningless techno-babble and alternate dimensions basically allowing for any ending they wish to serve up at the last minute.

I would rate the first half of this anime 4.5/5 (the whinny kid loses half a point) and the second half a 1/5 (and that might be generous). Overall Iíd call it about a 2/5 and wouldnít recommend it since last half is so meaningless.
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