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I don't have air in my current car either. Don't really need it up here. I don't see how you could go without living where you do though.

I always thought the trade up program was very generous.

I work outside and not having air keeps me better acclimated. Not to forget except for when I committed marriage and got sentenced to live in Wisconsin I’ve spent all the rest of my life in the tropics. Places like Arizona, West Africa, and the South Pacific. IMO man should not live where palm trees don’t grow naturally.

Must admit my carpool bud is digging the new air. She say’s others are making fun of me to her saying I got it to suck up to her. Funny no one will say that to my face. wink

What the hell doesn’t hurt my rep for them to think I’m her sugar-daddy which she is playing up to the hilt.
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