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I guess Axiom should stop releasing incremental improvements within a realease for everyone to enjoy so as to maintian their release integrigy.

I think that the second sentence, omited here in the quote, was out of line, non called for, and more applies to your last comment now, than to any other in particular...

What Axiom did is perfectly right, nobody is complining of the change they made, if it was just for the better...Just that the way they did it, was not right...Releasing the same model with two different type of drivers in it, and not letting the customer know which you will get before hand, or worst to guess which you will get (even less with drivers of a future one, that should be reserved for that new model only) and BTW that may or not sound alike, while you expect to receive a product that has been established for decades, with a particular sound, and that you know, and expect to sound that way, and then while the customer call they can say whatever they want, as there is no evidence of the opposite, sounds a little not too right in my book...Sorry...

Now I'm assuming applying that same logic they used, that if one of your old drivers blow away after warranty, you have to get the new ones, that are different, or take the word from them that they will sound alike, or they will offer then the whole upgrade package, as they do not have any of the old ones in stock...(???)

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