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I do not want to make the wrong choice. Especially when money is at stake. I am really digging the denon specs. Been reading the manual on it. Someone mentioned that the network feature on it would not connect to his NAS server to stream music that they had to add it to the playlist in windows. I am running freeNAS but have my drives mapped to my win7 box. Hopefully it will pick up the 2TB I have on there. I started out looking at the aperion set but what sold me on the axiom was the actual videos on the page explaining different spkr sets and the better warranty. I will post back on here once I get the setup up and going will be several weeks. Again Thanks a MILLION!

Congratulations. I am the newest Axiom owner here on forum I guess. Couldn't be happier at my set up. Guess you will be happier since you are going for floorstanders. Since my room is small the 3 M22's I have for front speakers are more than enough. Glad the right choice was made by me. smile
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