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I had expected that these sort of changes would be vetted through the customer council which having a customer’s perspective would have caught some of these PR issues and prevented them causing confusion. Not knowing the councils actual mandate I may have been mistaken.

I submit that because of Axioms constant incremental product improvement process that they would benefit from maintaining on the website the equivalent of a software “change log.” There is already a perfect place for it as a “sticky” at the top of the “What’s New At Axiom” sub-forum which actually misses talking about most of what is new. Having a separate change log would leave open individual threads for major developments like a new model release such as the VP180, or announcements of version number updates.

I really think that Axiom should consider implementing something like this for no other reason that to create a focal point for progress reporting which may in turn help prevent updates to the web page being missed and other PR issues from arising.

Just a thought,

Our mandate, at least as far as I’m aware, does not really exist in the rigid definition of the word. It is not a formal process with a concentrated focus towards vetting things by us. We have periodic teleconferences with Ian, Allan, Andrew, Peter and whoever else may be available that particular time. We then re-cap what was discussed via phone with a summery email, which we provide further input on. Usually, the meeting starts out with any new news that Axiom wants to discuss with the collective group. We then have an informal round table where ideas can be thrown out for discussion.

Regarding the V3 launch, we did discuss it and its timing. The timing was centered around the VP180 launch. It just made sense seeing how it was going to be shipped with all the revisions and it would surely get some focus seeing how the drivers look different and it has the magnetic grills.

In all honesty, I did not anticipate the V3 launch to go over like a lead balloon, much like it has. Axiom has always ‘tweaked’ their speakers somewhat. They just don’t go around giving them a new version designation every time they do this. Over time, as many little tweaks add up collectively, they give their speakers a new designation. This has been commented on numerous times by Axiom personnel. I can not ever remember a version change that has caught this much attention. So, when considering the past version launches over the years, I just did not think so many people would be incensed over it to this degree. The only suggestion that I have made about the revisions, is for Axiom to post a timeline from Ti to now, with all the changes incorporated to date and their level of significance. I felt (and still do feel) that if current owners new what level of change there has been between what they currently have and the latest revision, some may want to “upgrade”. I for one, want to upgrade my Ti’s because quite frankly, I have always found the upper end to be too unforgiving and I find the latest upper end much more pleasing. I’m certain that some will think my motives for this are because they think I’m a fan boy and attempting to assist Axiom sell more speakers. This is not my intent. I love the way my M80’s sound - for the most part. It’s just that damn high end that I have always, from day one; felt was too harsh (at times). The mid and lower end are perfect to me and now with the latest changes, the upper end is perfect for me as well.

So in summery to your thoughts Dean, Axiom does vet things by us. But you have to remember that we are only four fellow A/V geeks with our own thoughts and perceptions. We can not possibly speak for everyone. We are not all knowing mind readers either. There are things you pick up on that never enter my mind. What’s important to you may or may not be important to me.

And, I like your idea of a change log. It is in a sense, what I have asked for already.