To endorse kcarlile, yes the M3 V3 is the way to go w/o a sub. That engineered midbass hump (in my opinion) gives the speaker a unique level of smoothness and sense of sophistication. Although not quite as linear as the M22's they articulate sound astonishing well. I still can't believe Axiom can do this for the price. I've considered an upgrade to the M22's but haven't yet acted...just don't want to part with the M3ti's. I think that non-action says something. It may change however when I make the trip to the factory in Sept. I'll be able to then hear them first hand.
M22V3/M3ti/M2V3/Omega Super 5/Aperion 5C/OutlawLFM1+Sub/Denon AVR1906/YamDVDC750/AS AMP110