Jerry, if you mean that poly is partially blocking one of the tuning ports, that's the one to have some concern about, not the one where no poly is visible. The precise location of the fill within the enclosure isn't of particular significance, but if the port is partially blocked you should clear it and poke the poly back into the enclosure.

As others have said, take some time to get used to the sound. Also, as has been said, treat with sarcasm comments such as "huge", "night-and-day" or "blows away" when comparing competitive, competently-designed audio equipment. There are audible differences in good speakers, but they aren't of that magnitude.

The reason to disregard claims about better-sounding receivers is that there's no factual support for them. The design of these involves cold, hard principles of audio technology and leaves no room for subjective illusions.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.