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Jerry, your description of your experience differs so greatly from the typical listening(and measurement)results on the M3 that it doesn't appear to be realistic to term it a mere "personal preference". The "something's wrong" comments appear to be more likely, especially considering your report of a significantly lower volume when compared to a nominally slightly less sensitive speaker.

Although you've said that all drivers are operating, what you've described would be consistent with a mid-woofer providing little or no output. Testing the relative bass volume levels, by ear if necessary, using a bass test tone or at least a bass-heavy musical passage, should be tried.

You've spent too much time and effort picking Axiom to just send them back as quickly as possible and go away with bad feelings. Spend some more time to try to discover the real cause of the problem.

The Model Six speakers that I compared the M3's to are acoustic suspension which should require more volume to play as loudly as the M3's unless I'm wrong on that. Yet with the volume remaining the same when I switch back and forth between the two the Model Six's play much louder than the M3's and the M3's are supposed to be have a higher sensitivety than the Model Six's.

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