I just finished watching “The Tudors.” I had been watching a couple of episodes a night at work but decided to marathon it over the weekend.

I watched about 1/4 of it on my phone at work and then the rest on my HT. they were AVI files and only in stereo but the stereo sounded good and PLIIx (DSX wide) pulled some pretty good surround sound out of it so if the DVD versions are already 5.1 I imagine they sound great.

Can’t really comment on the actual DVD PQ but the AVIs look so good I imagine the PQ is awesome. Even on the compressed format the colours, when present, were vivid.

First off I like period pieces, “I Claudius,” “Rome” and such so this was a natural. Overall I liked it quite a lot but felt that it started loosing some appeal toward the end. That might have been the fault of marathon watching which some shows, like “Rome” IMO are more appropriate for. So I did use the mouse to start clicking through some of the longer pageantry and visual setup scenes toward the end. However, liking the beginning more than the end also had to do with it’s generally more youthful and progressive tone.

So all-in-all a nice watch but IMO not suited for more than a few episodes at a time.
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