With a couple of weeks of "absolutley nothing physical" recoup to stare down, I thought I'd visit the CD store on the first day I was allowed to drive (yesterday). It's only 3 miles from home, and in the same direction as my hospital, so I thought I was covered.

After going through every P-Touch labelled artist divider (2.5 hours) there was almost nothing I really wanted. And, I've got so much down time now, that I really wanted something(s).

I bought a couple of Camper Van Beethoven, since I haven't heard them in years. The previous owner had replaced one of the CD's with a compiliation of their own making. Since it was dark in the car, I couldn't see the "Memorex" logo on it when I slipped it in. By the 3rd track (Cat Stevens), I knew something was awry.

On another one of theirs acquired yesterday, they do a pretty cool cover of Status Quo's only hit, using violin for all the droning guitar parts on the orginal.
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