Well, because y'all were talkin' about The xx, and I was at my CD store today, ('cause they had a buy one/get one deal on all used CD's), I picked up the previous Kings of Leon CD (I'm still confused about their hype).

For my freebie (someone's watching over me) I p/u'd The xx.

Next to your HT rooms, do some of you have an opium den?????

It's such a droning drudge downer, that I would have to shut it off to commit suicide.

They can't play, write or sing. Sonic Youth, they're not. Ideas without the tools to realize them are nothing.

If The New American Snooze has become your thing, then check out The National ("High Velvet") and Deerhunter ("Halcyon Days"). Like The xx, neither will interrupt your sleep patterns.

Save yourself now, Sean!
Always call the place you live a house. When you're old, everyone else will call it a home.