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Well....that ought to spark another round of newbie "Bright" questions/accusations.

Argon has mystical predictive powers! grin

Seriously, this is quite the entertaining thread. Just as Mark mentioned somewhere in there, I subscribed to S&V and HT for years, and finally gave up on both for the same reasons. No consistency in testing/reviewing approaches. Once in while there would be something there that would be interesting that I wouldn't necessarily see discussed elsewhere. But if it was really genuinely useful then it would be a discussion topic here anyway, among those that I learned to trust much more that the "professionals". Don't let it go to your head Pete. wink

BobK mentioned a point of diminishing returns that for him personally was around $5k. For me, after enjoying my M22s for a few years now (really? already?), that point is anything more that I'd pay for Axioms. One of my relatives manages a boutique electronics shop. It's a very nice place, and the staff is well educated. I'll buy TVs from him and some other stuff, and support him (he's a good guy), and he's constantly trying to talk me into trying out the speakers he carries. Very nice looking, and good sounding stuff. The last I listened to were Focals.

But there's no way that I can justify that kind of coin for marginal improvements. Not gonna happen.

Nope. Unless something drastically changes in the marketplace, I'll be speaker shopping right here.

Subs, specifically, however might be another issue when/if the time comes for me.