My latest spins:

Why didn't I buy Electric Ladyland when all the other remasters came out? I would have saved $4.

Boy, I wish the recording (and my KLH model 11) sounded like that in 1968! It's got it's flaws. Some of the stuff in the mix just leaps out in places that make no sense. Any complaints are minor, since I have never heard it like this before.

The first 16 track recording, but it seems to be used for the guitar "effects" and not much else.
Rarely use the EP500 for music, just the M60's.
It felt good with this one.

Sufjan Stevens "The Age of Adz"
Tough one to categorize, but rather unique. Everything from competent balladry to "technofreakoutery," though not at all Andre 3,000-y. Sounds like nothing else and everything else at the same time.

Iron and Wine "Kiss Each Other Clean"
Catchy title. Good thing he abandoned his art degrees for music. He's not very good.
The music, on the other hand can be beautiful.

The first track, "I Was Walking Far from Home" is worth the ticket. The entire song is a single 5 bar melody. Four bars (in 6/8), repeat first three, change bar 8.

To make something so big and gorgeous out of that takes some pretty well crafted lyrics, arranging and orchestration. Several instruments make a single appearnce. Some a few bars, some for one note only.

By the end, you can't believe you've listened to the same 8 bar (again, 5 really) melody, for 4 minutes. Brilliant! And the rest of his (Sam Beam)6th release will not disappoint.

The Decemberists "The King is Dead"
Lucky 7 (or is it 9!?).
Impeccably competent folky pop around every corner.
The Brits refer to recent pop music by afficianados of Dylan/country/bluegrass as "Americana." That works for me, here anyway.

LCD Soundsystem "London Sessions"
It's a torte. Super "groove-y" techno rhythm tracks on the bottom, a layer of Talking Heads, and a layer of Blondie, topped with a ganache of self-effacing fun. Great sound, too! Lots of boom boom.

Cake "Showroom of Compassion"
Never that into Cake. CV's interest provoked me to investigate. One day, Charles, we will both like the same CD. (I'm sure there are lots. We've just not gotten to them.) If you like Cake, I'm sure you'll be happy with this slice. Too bad for me. I've never met one I didn't like (oil cakes excluded).

Dear Deer, Deer, and Deer:
re: Hunter, Tick, and Hoof: Ok. Ok. I get it. And now, to get rid of it, I have to see an infectious disease specialist for a year's worth of injections.

I think you all deserve attention, but I will walk around the woods for now.

Best of the lot is Tick. But there's that Dylan thing again. I signed off after Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35. Can't imagine any of it w/o him, but, aside from Willburys, would always rather listen to his disciples...Byrds, Bruce, et al.

And, like everything else here, it's IMO, so no angry cards and letters, please. Dissenters always welcome.

An aside. It's pretty damned cool and amazing to have been there when something was new, and you flipped over it (Hendirx). To listen again 40 years later, but with sonics unknown at the time, is SmileCity.

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I picked up dog chews at the store. Made in Cambodia. I thought, "dog-eat-dog." I put them back.