Great idea for a thread, Charles. I like the appreciative nature of it.

My wife often points out that "you're never sorry about buying the 'good' one"

I also bring my lunch to work most days; I like the healthy options (often not taken, but still), savings and convenience. I've been absolutely flabbergasted by the quality of the allegedly disposable Ziploc storage containers. Better than Glad and several others we've tried. They seem just as durable as Tupperware.

I love my autoseal Contigo Travel mug. By far, the best of the many I've lost used over the years.

Good knives are a joy. We have some Wusthof and some Henckels, but I'm also very impressed with the reasonably-priced Victorinox/Forschner brand. We keep them sharp with the wonderful Chef's Choice sharpener. Steels are to maintain an edge; this thing creates a new edge just in case you're not all that diligent about using the steel all the time. Or ever.

This probably doesn't qualify as a product, but after years of wearing progressives and trifocals, I finally bought a pair of full-frame, prescription reading glasses for computer use. Big improvement in quality of life and work. I know I have mentioned them before, but I still can't believe the utter design greatness of my Rudy Project sunglasses.

We have a Dyson vacuum. It just works.
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