Even with the tires warmed up, the cold asphalt plays into the equation. Michelin has a new PS tire coming out that is supposedly better than the previous version. I may end up with them at $550 ea.

I've had four different black vehicles through the years. After the first one I told myself never again and I've repeated that after each vehicle since. When I detailed it last week, I started with some Dawn dish soap, then used clay, then washed again with a shampoo, then I polished it. I used a new system by Meguiars with a Griot's 6" random orbital polisher. It was my first time using power tools on paint and am amazed at how easy it was and how well it turned out. The Meguiars kit is a two part system designed for use with these RO polishers. It uses micro fiber pads and it's just about impossible to screw up your paint. Look it up if interested.... they call it their Microfiber DA correction system. I bought it here.. http://www.autogeek.net/newproducts.html