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Have you played the Mass Effect series? A little more action oriented, but you can develop a character to suit your play style, if you don't like to run and gun.

I havn't tried that one. I'm not much of a fan of run and gun games. I prefer something that involves strategy more than reflex.

If you haven’t already played them your best bet are the downloadable content and expansion “Awakening.” I haven’t played it but guess Dragon Age 2 is your next best bet.

I would read up on the Mass Effect games. They are stand-alone so even if you don’t play the first one you can still play the second just that you come in after the first act, but they do a good job of explaining what happened. I also don’t think you miss all that much by not importing your character from the first game.

To Two biggest shortcomings in I found in ME2 were the running around the ship to talk with your companions and mining for minerals to build special upgrades. Both can be more painless when you realized you don’t have to talk to ever person after every mission and you don’t have to mine every planet out there.

As far as comparing it to DA I’d say the ME2 has much better graphics and surround sound. At to that the flow of the story and dialogue between the characters and it’s more like you are “in the game” rather than playing it.

It is more of a shooter from the action standpoint. You can’t assign tactics to your teammates about all you can do is have them hold position or follow you. You can pause during fights to have them attack particular targets with their special abilities like mages casting spells.

Overall I prefer the non-action parts of the game so usually set a low difficulty so I can blast through the action to get back to the story. I just found it easier to suspend disbelief and get involved in the story which to me just flows better and seems more epic.
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