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From having more experience with healthcare than most, I can confidently say that I wouldn't be where I am today without our system.

Empiricism changes peoples minds quite swiftly (not referring to mine).

Private sector = corporate greed, not care.

I'm not against having a saftey net for people that can't or would have a very hard time providing for themselves. I have 3 nieces/nephews with Autism and I know their family would have a hard time without some assistance.

I just don't want or think we need to have the Government mandate so many things for all people. No system is without it's flaws but I personally feel Big Government/Socialism breeds laziness and stifles progress.

Also I always get a big kick out of the "corporate greed" label. Of coarse it exists! I don't know any company that is out to not make a profit. The free market (when it's actually a free market and not heavily regulated) corrects most of these issues and it's appropriate to have a limited Government presence to monitor the rest. The problem I have with Big Government is that it creates an atmosphere that leads to the worse kind of corp greed issues. The recent bailout is a great example. Talk about teaching bad behavior... the big banks now know that the gov won't allow them to fail. So what incentive do they have to do the right thing in the future?

Also our current healthcare system may not be completely controlled by the Government but it's NOT a free market. It's so heavily regulated and restricted that costs are high and the care is low. There is no doubt it needs to be fixed but turning it completely over to the Federal Government won't make it any better.
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