That's certainly a complete enough recollection that it needs no revision from me. I can continue the story from where Ray and I left you in the skybridge, though.

Thanks to the sobering effects of a long metro ride, we found my car easily enough and then headed off to the Carlyle Cafe in Alexandria. I parked in front of a red Ferrari just down the block, then we walked in and we were seated immediately. Ray and I had a beer each, some stale but warm bread, and then the server brought us each a very delicious bread pudding with vanilla bourbon sauce and ice cream. It was a conversation stopper. As to what the conversation was, I can't honestly recall. smile

I then dropped Ray off and I assume he stumbled inside successfully because when I had finished mapping my route home he was nowhere to be seen. I'm guessing he didn't fall and roll under a car because he did email me the next day to let me know that he had awoken -- just before noon. laugh
I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.