Well, at least I haven't lost any money in my 401k. It's been in Guaranteed Funds (think savings account) before the market fell, plus it's sitting at it's highest dollar amount. I'm now just waiting for something that looks like a bottom to get back into risky stuff that moves the most and has the lowest fees. That also doesn't gripe when I trade my money in and out of. I've received letters from my 401k (whomevers) that's told me not to trade so much. So far, I haven't gotten any of those in the past 2 or 3 trades, so perhaps it's related to exactly 'what' I trad in and out of. You just got to love the lack of communication from financial people.

I left a comment in a 401k blog recently, that told about my method. This is in a blog from a so-called "financial expert" that says the best strategy is just to buy and hold. Of course, my comment got deleted since it didn't agree with his philosophy.

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