Following up on my previous recommendation of a recording with the three Borodin symphonies, his two string quartets are notably beautiful and several of the themes were adapted for the Broadway production Kismet, because of their melodious nature. In particular, a theme from the second movement of the 2nd Quartet became "Bobbles, Bangles and Beads" and one from the third movement "And This is My Beloved". As I mentioned before, this resulted in Borodin being awarded a Tony for his music almost 70 years after his death.

An outstanding recording of both quartets performed by the eponymous(finally got a chance to use that word!)Borodin String Quartet is now available on a Musical Heritage Society disc here at very low cost from several Amazon sellers. Although it isn't apparent from the Amazon description, this is the same recording that was previously available on EMI and it's more fully described and reviewed here .


Enjoy the music, not the equipment.