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Phil, unfortunately, with the brands you mentioned, you pay a pretty hefty premium for those impressive looks. Quite frankly, in my stable of speakers,I have M80s, M3s and M22s in the custom "High Gloss" black. For my taste anyway, there is not too many manufacturers around that look better than these especially for the money.

This is very true. if you compair the bowers-wilkins CM1's to the Axiom M2's. Both speakers look pretty similar on paper.. However, the CM1's do have a much more refined look. the hex screws are counter sunk, all Stainless steel fittings/woofer tweeter housing, kevlar woofer...

However, the Axoim M2 costs 316$ each, while the bowers-wilkins CM1's cost 500$ each... sure there are some differences in materials used.. but would YOU be willing to pay an extra 200$ish for looks/ possibly some sound quality difference?

and the SQ topic is COMPLETELY up to the individual.

on a side not, i do not think it is fair that people are bringing up
4.Real wood finishes at the price of vinyl.

that is like saying you want hard wood planks the same size as a sheet of plywood for the price of plywood... there are resource constraints at work here, and i don't think that this is a practical request. I think a more reasonable request would be

Real wood finishes for a FAIR price.

I don't know if anyone here has been keeping track of the price of wood.. but though my DIY experiences around the house.. The cost of a pine 2X4X8 has doubled in the last year and a half or so.... i would bet the price of vinyl finishes have also increased... if this is the case, then Axiom(Ian) is already not making as much profit as they/he use to at a given price point.

I do like the outrigger idea, i would bet axiom already has the tools that could machine aluminum, my guess it they would just need to buy some different bits.. So a capital expense of a few grand and this could be a reality, and 1 or 2 employees, and this could be a reality... So Ian, i recommend outriggers to help the global economy, buy axiom hiring a couple more people laugh