Good article. I've read books about the emotions of trading and experienced the emotion of fear and greed many times over, so I know all about that aspect. But to have the ability to make decisions based on probable outcome, at least in my experience has been more of a negative one. Doing thinks Buffet's way can take years to make any money. (Also, he buys large enough portions that gives him rights to make changes in the company itself. Not something your average trader can do.)

Out of all the different things I've tried, trading-wise, there is one thing that works for me, so I should stick with what works. I make more money, just by buying momo (momentum). JVA was an example stock a few months ago. It shot up about 500% in just over a month. I got into the tail end of it and made a quick 50%. These don't happen every day, but if your patient and observant, it can work. Just be quick on the sell button if something should go wrong. Buying, then watching something tank, hoping it'll go back up is another no-no. Hope will not make you money. I held JVA for about 4 days, saw the weakness, then sold out just before it tanked. Same with the over-all market, you can't see suprise events coming, but you can see weakness and strength and patterns.