After more thinking on this subject, I thought I'd comment further. Sorry guys, but I just had to, to let you know that there is some method to the madness.

What I did with my 401k was,

1) I noticed market weakness, before the last big drop we had, 2 or 3 months ago, so I was being conservative and careful and transfered my money from risk into cash. Then we had the big down move. I didn't lose any money.

2) Once, while the market was at it's lows, I moved from cash into risk, hoping to ride it back up.

3) It went down a bit, then back up, where the market started to look weak again, so I moved it back to cash.

4) Now the market is down at it's lowest point during this latest market mini-crash, and we had a day of positive market movement. It could go either way from here. Probably small up, and then a possible big down. I moved money back to risk in order not to miss any possible upside, incase of major move.

The end result, either I make lots of extra money on the upward move, either short term, or long term... or, I didn't lose as much as everyone else did in the next big fall... either way, I win.