Hi everyone,

Just looking for some second and third opinions from the experts. I currently own a pair of m3v3’s and absolutely love them. I am however notorious for upgradeitis and am looking to create a full 5.1 system.

I use my system 70/30 for music/movies and don’t expect this to change.

At the moment, the plan is to buy a pair of m22v3’s, use the m3’s as rears and buy an svs pb12-nsd or sb12-nsd for the sub. I guess my question is whether anyone has used the m3’s as rears before and whether you would recommend mating them with the M22’s as fronts?

My plan B would be to dish the M3’s to my brother and buy a pair of QS4 or QS8’s instead. I live in Australia so I don’t really have any way of trialling the QS series as rears. Obviously, the QS speakers are made specifically as surrounds, but will my m3’s live up to the job?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance!