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I think it's in better taste to be humble of one's good fortune.

Yup. I think so too, bud. But most, if not all of us are guilty of it. There's no difference between any of the many threads or posts about peoples fancy new purchases (computers, exotic cars, beautiful houses), and someone posting their excitement when their doing well in the market. It's technically all bragging (NOT with any ill intent), and it's all good fortune. Just in varying degrees and tastes.

There's been dialogue amongst forum members in this thread, and I assume a lot of it was valuable. With exception to one post I've seen that was objectionable, I don't think there's a "rubbing it in everyone's face" theme; but that's just me. If there is, then that's definitely not cool.

BTW, I loathe the whole market and trading charade, so I'll obviously take a new car thread over a stocks thread any day smile.
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