Trig, welcome. You haven't really stated specifically what you're hoping to accomplish with a change of speakers. The implication seems to be that an ability to play louder is wanted. The loudness level experienced depends primarily on the listening distance, not the room size(a room doesn't get "filled" with sound at equal levels), and it isn't possible to move a considerable distance away from the usual listening position without the level dropping significantly.

Since the M22s have two mid-woofers slightly larger than the one in the T50 and a larger tweeter, they would have the capacity for a greater dynamic range(the larger enclosure isn't relevant beyond the deep bass)at any given distance. This is about all that can be really said.

A sub would be highly desirable for greater bass extension and to take some load off the main speakers, but your 1060 has no crossover provisions and subs don't either, having just a low-pass filter for a roll-off above the set frequency. The mains would still have to run full range. As far as simply providing a signal feed to the sub from your 1060, that can be done either by using the full-range pre-outs(if the sub has two line level inputs)or by using the B speaker terminals to connect with speaker wire to the sub's speaker level inputs(if present).

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.