Yesterday I tried out the AE4000 rather than the AE7000 for playing Skyrim. Without even A/B comparing there was a huge difference. The Image on the AE7000 was much more colourful, detailed and had better shadow detail. Some of the shadow detail difference could be made up for by bumping up the in-game brightness setting to max for the AE 4000, but that only just brought it on par with the AE 7000.

One drawback I noticed for the AE7000 is that in “normal” picture mode even with the lamp in eco mode the picture is actually too bright and started to fatigue my eyes after playing for about 6 hours. I tried other modes but for some reason normal just looks the best. So I might end up moving the AE7000 back to the back wall rather than right behind my seats where it is now.
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