It's time for our traditional Name The New Speaker Contest! Although internally we have been referring to the speaker as the 'Not-the-M100' , we figure that will look a little odd on the cartons! Myself, I’ve been partial to Andrew's nickname: the LFR, short for Linear Field Radiator, which is what he calls the technology that drives these speakers.

But as we know, nobody is better at naming speakers than Axiomites! (Yah, we're lookin' at you, Full Metal Bracket. And you, Audiobyte!) So throw your name in the hopper and let's see what you come up with for this beautiful new addition to the family. The winner will receive a pair of M3s or equivalent Axiom Dollars. If two people enter the same name, we'll take the first one according to the order in which the posts were received. Winner will be chosen on Wednesday the 21st.

Let the names begin!

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