Dean, I was going to inquire about your Skyrim gameplay today. You heard my thoughts smile.

I'm currently at level 65 and don't find it a challenge fighting anyone or anything. Yesterday I fought two elder dragons simultaneously, and killed them handily.

I'm at level 100 in heavy armour (it's actually at 125 for some reason), one handed, block, alchemy, smithing, sneak, enchanting and archery. I'm currently putting my effort towards increasing magic (using destruction to attack), pickpocketing and two handed (which was my original attack modus operandi). Also, my heavy dragon armour is rated at 1065 (without the 25% matching set increase perk).

One thing that REALLY sucks is that I can't complete quite a few quests because I ended up picking up some quest items - from exploring and entering caves etc. at random - before actually receiving the quest related to each item. Bethesda needs to fix this IMO.

Outside of the Night Mother, The Companions and The Thieves Guild, I'm having an excruciating time finding quests; especially longer ones.
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