OK, time to drag this thread out into the sunlight again.

Two questions :

1. In hotel bars (and probably other bars too) the happy hour offerings frequently include "you call it's". I gather the idea of a "you call it" is that it is sort of the bartending equivalent of '*' but there seems to be disagreement about whether it only covers "house" or "well" liquor or whether the "call" refers to "call" drinks where you pick the brand.

2. Revolvers have a small but non-zero gap between cylinder and barrel. It seems to me that given the pressure of the gases as the back of the bullet clears the gap any self-respecting gas would go out the gap rather than continuing to accelerate the bullet down the barrel, but longer revolver barrels do seem to produce higher velocities than short ones even so.

It seems unlikely (but not impossible) that the cartridge brass stretches just enough to seal the gap temporarily, but that wouldn't cover situations where a shorter cartridge is being fired, eg .38 special ammo in a .357 mag revolver.

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