We have (uncharacteristically) watched a few rented DVD's lately.

Neither my brother-in-law nor my daughter are allowed to autonomously select titles for group viewing anymore.

50-50 - Joseph Gordon Leavitt gets spinal cancer. Hilarity does not ensue.

The Grey - Survivors of an arctic plane crash are incrementally eaten by wolves. Liam Neeson is an internally tormented badass.

Inception - Liked it. Need to see again, though. Probably won't get the chance because Julie hated it.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - I really liked it. The pace, cinematography and sound editing were worth the price of admission. I am amused by Robert Downey.

I think I have now seen every episode of The Big Bang Theory. I still enjoy it. Re-watching Arrested Development. Still working my way through Rescue Me.
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