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I get to go to a private bottling party tonight. Mississippi's lone brewer, Lazy Magnolia, is wasting no time taking advantage of two new (to MS) laws that take effect at midnight; brewing of beer higher than 5% ABW, and the ability to sample beers on site.
The irony is that they have been producing contract beers for other labels over 5% for direct export to other states (legally, of course)[See correction below] but this brew is staying in state on their label. In honor of the legislator advocate who carried the law thru the legislature, they have a Rye IPA ready to bottle tonight called Timber Beast. I'll have more info on the name and alcohol content when I get back.
The other law, sampling wares on site, they have been ridiculously good about adhering to. Now folks taking a tour of the brewery will be able to sample the products!

This was mostly a teaser for Tom, who could use a little universe unbalancing wink

Apparently I mis-interpreted what Leslie told me - The new law would allow them to produce higher alcohol beers for other states where it is already legal. They were previously tied to the MS law of 5%. Here's a nice News report from WLOX
Timber Beast has bumped Sierra Nevada Pale Ale of it's pedestal, for me at least.