During my recent visit to Axiom, I was able to hear a pair of M3v3s in the Amp Testing Lab & quite liked them there.

Yesterday I won the auction of a pair of Real Wood (Knotty Pine) M3v3s for my secondary audio system in my living room that will be driven by my Sony CDP & Stereo Receiver. This system is used mostly for ambiance music when people are over for a few drinks & I don't want them to be overwhelmed by my bigger Tube Amp, Denon SACD Player & AX2/Velodyne setup.

They will be replacing my vintage Koss M/80s from the 1980s (in opposite corners) that have served me well but need to go into retirement. Eventually the M3s will be placed on shorty stands & will remain mostly unobtrusive visually.

Many thanks to Axiom for having the opportunity to purchase speakers by auction at quite a savings - especially considering that these are Real Wood finish.

I did a little photo manipulating using Axiom's auction pic to 'virtually replace' the M/80s with the M3s.