wow, you immediately keyed right in on the biggest compromise i had to make, good eye! Yes, the surround speakers were somewhat of a quandary for me, because there is no "left wall" (instead there is a bar) i couldn't figure out how to make wall speakers work for the room. Once I decided to go with ceiling speakers the second problem I had is that the ceiling just left of the where i have placed the left surround drops about a foot in elevation. I would have preferred to space them farther to the left and the right (which i could do with the right) but because of the ceiling drop they are a bit closer to center than I would have liked. I'm just hoping that they will still sound good even if not perfect. That's one of the reason I didn't spend a ton of money on the surrounds. In a perfect world i would have gotten the Axiom surrounds, wish I had that left wall smile