Ok, you guys are starting to sway me towards 5.1, i guess i would replace the rear in-ceiling speaks with a pair of QS8's hanging on ceiling brackets. I have the wires for the rears already in the ceiling, i had planned on accessing them when I cut the 8" holes for the speakers. If I hang the QS8's on ceiling brackets, I would not be cutting those holes, any ideas on how I would go about getting to the wires?

Another question on 7.1 vs 5.1 if i set up a 7.1 system and am playing 5.1 content, are the sides completely dead? If so, I think I would be wasting the QS8's if 80% of my content is going only to the back yahama's.

If I kept the 7.1 setup I don't think hanging the SL from the soffit is an option, it would be to much in the way of everything. I am still considering the QS8 on the bar wall with some adjustment, i know its not optimal but I would hope that it wouldn't be a deal breaker. That soffit is really breaking my balls.

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