I finally got to see Marina and the Diamonds last night.

She was cute and funny, and she has been working out. Nice muscle tone going on, and I think she's proud of it. My sister, who saw her on her last tour, said there was a distinct difference.

She had a cool neon "Electra Heart" sign behind the stage that made it more of a light show than last time, according to my sister. It was definitely no Ting Tings light show, but at least she seemed to have more money this time around.

She seemed genuinely surprised and grateful for the Seattle audience's enthusiasm. She kept mentioning it, and how she didn't know she had any fans in Seattle.

She also did some weird inclusion of stuffed animals. She brought out a pink dog that is apparently one of her favorites. She called the dog a bitch at one point (with a couple of harsher adjectives before it, though I can't remember what they were), but she immediately said something along the lines of, "Oh, I know it's only a stuffed animal, but I feel really bad about saying that." She actually did seem to feel bad about insulting her stuffed animal. Ha ha. Anyway, you could tell she had a lot of ideas about stuff to do to make the performance a little more memorable, but she hasn't quite arrived at the required confidence level to pull it off. Which is endearing in its own way, of course. I like that she's up there doing it even if she hasn't quite worked it out.

Her singing was a little hit and miss, but overall, I was satisfied with the performance. I preferred the couple of songs she performed by herself, without the backing musicians. I think part of that is because the sound was pretty bad. Too loud for the sound system to handle cleanly, so that bugged. It's almost always a problem at the concerts I go to, but it seemed especially bad at this one.

I was also pretty tired, which affected my level of excitement, too. Throw in an annoying chick who kept pushing in on my space until I was separated from my sister, and I was fairly irritable by the end of the concert. I had really been looking forward to trying to meet Marina after the show, but at the end, I just wasn't feeling like I would be giving her my best side, so we skipped that part, walking right by where the small gathering had formed outside her tour bus.

I'm sure I'll regret it when the opportunity fails to present itself again.