Denon 3808Ci Receiver
Axiom EP350 V3 Powered subwoofer
7.1 speaker setup

I recently moved and when I went to reconnect my AV setup, everything is working fine except for the ep350 sub. It continuously makes a humming noise no matter what volume I use on the sub. The sub is connected to receiver with just the preout RCA plug, same exact wire I had previously used that was working, now it makes the humming noise. I've replaced the sub with a KEF powered sub, using the same wire and it works fine, no humming. The sub does play sound and bass, so it works, but continues to hum no matter what output level.

I've tried playing with all the settings on the receiver, speaker setup, different wires, even using the preout from the KEF sub to the Axiom sub and still the humming? Any thoughts, did the sub just run its course, amp messed up on the sub? This is driving me nuts?!?!?!


Moved the sub to my other onkyo receiver in another room, where the KEF is normally plugged in and it still hums. Tried replacing the power strip, no changes. I'll try a ground loop isolator tomorrow?

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