Since i know we both own the Cameron Carpenter Revolutionary CD, i though this would be the best CD to use for a comparative volume.

I have an Iphone 4s, i don't know how the 4s's mic compares to the ipad 2's mic.. When i was getting the reading i was holding the phone upside down, so the mic would be pointed up to get the most accurate reading i could.

I used the "The Real SPL meter" app, as it was free. Also, this app has a digital readout, and displays the peak reading below the current reading. I also set the response to slow.

On Track #7, the first 40 seconds the highest reading i got was 91.6db, with an average in the low 80's.

On track #10 during the first minute, the highes reading was 85.6db, with an average in the low 80's again. The highest reading was around 45 seconds.

My room is 17ft deep and 18ft wide, and i sit 13ft away from the speakers. The measurements were taking while i was sitting in my chair...

i guess this will verify if i listen to music at a reasonable level or not eh?

P.S. my system was in stereo mode, so only the LFR's and 600's were working...

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