JB: I agree, thanks.

In my haste to send send my SPL results for my main audio system, I forgot that I had taken some readings for my M3v3 'ambiance system' in the same room.

We played Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton 'play the blues' CD - 'Layla' - on my simple, solid state Sony 90 Watt/Channel, 2 Channel Receiver. I normally run it between 25 & 35 on the Volume Level. Readings were taken midway between the M3s in opposite corners that are 30' apart. We recorded the following SPLs:

* Vol Level 30 - 70 Db Ave & 75 Db Max (moderate level);

* Vol Level 35 - 75 Db Ave & 80 Db Max (just becoming too loud).

My friend was most impressed with the M3's sound. Nice sentiments considering that he is a musician...