John, hide your eyes for a minute. wink

Last night a friend brought over a BR of Metallica's "Français Pour Une Nuit". It is their concert held in The Arena of Nimes in France.

The superb production quality in both sound and the video is definitely as good as it gets for an outdoor venue. Any venue actually! The performers display what 31 years of playing together gets you... effortlessly demonstrating why they always gain universal respect for their musicianship, even from non-metal critics.

I was so impressed, I immediately went online to buy it but it is out of print and now going from used sellers for hundreds of dollars. However, if you are looking for demo material to impress your metalhead friends, this BR is THE ONE.
No reference to "The One" intended but it is a good segway for a clip. Although Youtube can hardly compare to the BR quality.

OK, you can open them again, John.
Actually, from a musical standpoint, Metallica has some very interesting and often complex music (when they were not in their thrash phase.) Some of these songs have been covered by orchestra and other classical artists, like these rather famous, classical 'retires' that I'll submit as you may be interested in listening to it as an "experiment." Nothing Else Matters
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