Bookworm Adventures Deluxe and Bulletstorm.

I wish Popcap would do facelifts on their earlier games to make them more friendly to full-screen high-definition. Otherwise, I like the game. On the normal Bookworm (free version), not Bookworm Adventures, way back in the day, I had one game last over 10 hours, and I was fast. I'm glad Bookworm Adventures breaks up the gameplay.

Bulletstorm is pretty fun so far, even if it's mostly stuff that's been done. Very pretty, which you'd expect. I'm not a fan of the Games for Windows Live stuff being required. I wish it could simply be Steam, but it really hasn't affected me much. It just feels unnecessary, and it seems like the DLC can only be purchased through GFWL, which of course doesn't go on sale to the same degree as Steam content. I only paid $5 for Bulletstorm, but I'd pay considerably more for the DLC if I wanted it.

After playing a bit, I read a lot of comments about what a bad PC port it is, but I'm really not seeing that. It's gorgeous and plays very smoothly. It probably helps that I'm using the Xbox 360 controller. In any case, I'd say it was definitely worth the $5.