Somewhere along the line the effort transitioned from "testing" to simple, wonderful, beautiful, satisfaction. My mother-in-law came down from upstairs and said "it's so beautiful!"

Win! Right there! Beauty! Joy! YES.

Niveka, I do hope you and your family will enjoy your new system for many years to come.

Can you comment (or provide pictures?) about the exterior quality of the in-cabinet VP180? I know that is a strange request considering it's intended use, but I have considered getting one and using it "out in the open" so that I can set my current (RP) TV on top of it. I can't do this with the regular VP180 because of its slanted cabinet. It appears that the exterior of the cabinet is a pretty decent black laminate. How does it look with the grill on? How is the construction detail of the mounting flange?

Thank you again for the excellent story.
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