Hey Guyz .
I took the plunge and ordered a new sound card for my PC with toslink and HDMI in hopes to get better audio quality from streaming on line .
One more question to add .... Anyone know of a good quality Lossless recorder application for recording streamed music ?
I am using windows 7 with Firefox , Explorer and Chrome .
I am new to recording streaming music on line . I have done a little research mind you and looks like a FLAC recorder/converter may be what I am seeking to get the best results for digital signal playback . According to googled sources , MP3 is not the way to go because of compression
What do you guys use ?
M60,s Vp160 , QS8,M3,s Svs 12 . Yammy 3063 ,Panamax 5100,PS3,Optima HD80 Axiom Air